Interviews, Reviews & Readings

Peep this out-of-this-world review of The Gull and the Bell Tower by Damien Donnelly of the gorgeous Eat the Storms book and podcast.

Noreen Ocampo wrote this review of my Animal Crossing poem (appeared on The Daily Drunk.) It provides a lot of insight into the heart of the game.

The Gull and the Bell Tower has been named Black Bough Poetry’s Book of the Month for January 2021. Read Matthew M.C. Smith’s generous review here.

Scott Thomas Outlar’s Songs of Selah podcast on January 11, 2021. The reading included the brilliant women behind Femme Salvé Books, and their forthcoming projects, which are sizzling creations. You can listen to the podcast segment here.

Learn more about my cat AND my book in this interview with the kind folks at the Operation Awesome Blog. Includes a writing exercise, and several book recommendations.

Christopher Margolin reviewed The Gull and the Bell Tower on The Poetry Question.

The 2020 pandemic issue of Fevers of the Mind, with David O’Nan includes a feature and interview about The Gull and the Bell Tower